May Guest Speaker


 Our May presentation, will be brought to us Jim Crabtree, a Disaster Training Specialist.

        Because of the ability for wireless messages to get through when daily infrastructure has been damaged, radio operators seem to all have an interest in disasters but how much do you know about preparedness? The paradigm that is commonly used for preparedness is based on survivalism, not living and rebuilding in the actual conditions that are seen after a disaster. Technological changes in the 21st century have changed what people need to do to be prepared but many published lists are unfortunately based on obsolete 20th century ideas.

At our May meeting Jim will be presenting “Paradigms of Preparedness”, a thought provoking class that explores things that should be done to prepare for a disaster and debunking the things that are worthless. Example: Do you know the one thing that actually determines who lives and who dies in a disaster? What is the one thing that you can do to survive any disaster? Come to our May meeting and find out.

Jim Crabtree, RN, BSN, MICN began his career as a trauma nurse in the Emergency department at Martin Luther King hospital in Watts, California during the cocaine wars of the 1980s. For the next decade he taught at Los Angeles County’s Paramedic Training Institute developing many new curricula. A member of Disaster Medical Assistance Team CA-9 he has responded into disaster areas providing medical aid. Since 1996 through his position at the Los Angeles County EMS Agency, he has been involved in researching and teaching hospital staff, EMTs, Paramedics and firefighters medical responses to all types of disaster and terrorism events. He developed a practical curriculum and tabletop exercises for teaching Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) to medical professionals that results in a true understanding of this important process. He has taught at emergency care and disaster conferences throughout the United States as well as Tallinn Estonia and Mumbai India. Jim has published articles in the medical literature on topics as diverse as Terrorism, Disasters, Geriatrics and the History of Emergency Medicine.



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