Welcome to the Rio Hondo Amateur Radio Club!

Thank You for visiting the Rio Hondo Amateur Radio Club! We are based out of Whittier, CA and serve the City of Whittier as their Disaster Communications Volunteers. We hold weekly on-air nets every Wednesday at 8pm on our repeaters located in the Whittier Hills (146.175 MHz (+), PL 156.7 Hz; at 223.94 MHz (-), PL 100 Hz; or at 445.560 MHz(-), PL 100 Hz.). We also hold monthly meeting at the Parnell Park Community Center on the second Monday of each month at 7pm (15390 Lambert Rd. Whittier, CA 90604). We would love to have you visit and join our fantastic organization!



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    Does one have to be licensed to join your organization? I’m looking for a group that had some form of trading/assistance to obtain a license.

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      No, you don’t need a license and we help many people get their license. We have an upcoming class coming up and will post the information shortly. You can also go to hamtestonline.com and practice taking the tests.

      Dino – KX6D

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    Thanks, Dino for the prompt reply. I have used the website you’ve suggested and it does help however it leaves some information holes. Looks like I should attend a meeting of you club to get a better feel for things. Regards,. Ernie

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    I have a question.
    What is the date and time of your next meeting.

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      Hello Robert! Our next meeting is November 14th @ 7pm. The meeting will be at Parnell Park Community Center, 15390 Lambert Rd. Whittier, CA 90604

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    Hello my name is George Suri, I am a License Ham Radio,for the pass 13yr and i never got the opportunity to participate and any Ham Club,I would like to know more about your,Ham Radio Club .

    George Suri.

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      George,come to our meeting on February 13th and we would love to talk to you about the club!

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    I am a former member who would like to return to active status. I’ll be at the next meeting; can you forward an application form if it’s needed? (KI6LRQ)

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      Hello Tom! Come to our meeting on February 13th and we’ll have applications there for you.

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    Hello all, what is the date of the February club meeting?

    Ernie Mitchell

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    Hello, I hope you can help me, or direct me to someone who can. I have a huge cb radio or ham antenna bolted to my house and I need it removed. Do you know of anyone who can safely remove it. I live in norwalk california and would like it removed asap. Thanks for your help.

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      Hello Norma,

      Sorry for the delay, someone should be contacting you very soon!

      Donald (KJ6RXV)

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    I’m new to the Rio Hondo repeaters. I know there was (or is…) a 440 repeater, is it still active?

    Danny (KB6FIG)

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      Hello Danny and Welcome!

      We do have a 440 Repeater, which we have been working on. Also, it is a System Fusion Digital repeater. There is a net held on their every Wednesday evening following our regular Net which starts at 8pm. None of our Repeater are Link at this time, since we are in the process of up grade equipment. Our 2m will soon a Digital one as well. Hope this helps! Feel free to come to our next meeting this coming Monday as we get ready for Field day. The link for our Newsletter has all the info needed.

      Have a good one, 73

      Donald (KJ6RXV)

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    My father, Lee Wong (WB6GVB), passed away, and I’m cleaning out my parents’ house in Hacienda Heights. He used to be a member of the Rio Hondo amateur radio club. While cleaning out the garage, I found two boxes of antenna hardware. I don’t know what exactly they are or whether or not they are complete. I would be happy to donate them to anyone who could use them. Please contact me via the email address I’m including in this form. I live out of town, but I’m back in Hacienda Heights working on the house about once a month.

    –Greg Wong

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      Hello Greg,

      We are sorry to hear that. I am forwarding this to the current Club’s president and he will get back to you shortly.


      Donald KJ6RXV

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