November 14th Guest Speaker…


How to Work Amateur Satellites with Your HT

With Clint Bradford (K6LCS)

“You do not need 100W of transmit power nor expensive antenna arrays to work FM amateur satellites! Many hams already have the necessary equipment to “work the birds.” This presentation will walk you through ALL the steps needed to successfully work several ham satellites.”

Clint’s Bio
“I have orchestrated an ARISS contact for a local school – where we spoke to an astronaut who was aboard the ISS at the time! I still perform occasional tasks as a liaison between NASA, the ARISS team, and schools coordinating amateur radio contacts with the International Space Station.
Benefits of AMSAT and ARRL memberships are covered in my presentations. (I am also an ARRL Diamond Club member and Legacy Circle Club member.) My presentation “slides” are never “wordy” and dull. Your club-related and satellite-related trivia questions (with prizes!) are spread throughout the session – audiences are never bored.
Professionally, I have worked both the commercial side (for Motorola) and the amateur side (HRO) of the two-way radio industry. I was also sales manager for Premier Communications (Pryme) for a while.”


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    A few attendees will receive copies of a GORGEOUS NASA photograph – 8.5×11″ in a mousepad – of a Shuttle approaching the International Space Station. You must attend to win!

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      That is awesome Clint! We can’t wait for your presentation!

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