T-Hunt October 22!

          On-foot transmitter hunting sessions take place regularly in parks and wilderness spaces around southern California.  The next one will be Saturday, October 22, 2016 at Bonelli Regional Park.  These sessions are suitable for both beginner and intermediate level transmitter hunters.  All ages are welcome, so bring the family.  A ham radio license and/or knowledge of radio equipment are not requirements.  
          At the October 22 session, you can try your hand at finding some easy two-meter transmitters set by Joe Moell K0OV.  There will also be a 5-fox two-meter international-rules course of beginner-to-moderate difficulty, set by Marvin Johnston KE6HTS.  One or more fox transmitters on the 80-meter band may also be set up to try. 
           If you have receivers, scanners, directional antennas, attenuators, or other equipment suitable for on-foot RDF, be sure to bring it.  Make sure all batteries are fresh.  A limited amount of RDF gear will be available for loan.
           For those who want to build RDF gear for use with their own two-meter hand-held radios or scanners, Marvin will have kits for measuring-tape yagis and active attenuator circuit boards.  There will be tools and soldering stations for building.  If you’re not an electronic technician, don’t worry because there will be experts to help you.  Send e-mail to Marvin (marvin@west.net) to pre-register for the building session and to get more information about equipment.  There will definitely be transmitters to hunt that day, but the building session will only take place if there are sufficient advance registrations.  If you already have equipment and just want to hunt transmitters, you don’t need to pre-register.
          If it takes place, the building session will start at 9:30 AM.  Please be prompt.  Beginner transmitters will be on the air at that time.  The main 5-fox hunt will start about 10:30 AM.  Hunters may start the courses at any time until 1 PM.  Courses close at 3 PM.  Trails are primitive in some areas of the park, so wear sturdy shoes.  All ages are welcome, but young children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
          Bonelli Regional Park is near Raging Waters, Brackett Field, and Puddingstone Reservoir.  From the 57 freeway north of I-10, take the Via Verde exit and go east through the entrance to the park.  There is a per-vehicle entry fee.  Go approximately 1/4 mile beyond the entrance and turn left into the parking lot for the Snack Shoppe (formerly the bike rental stand).  Look for the orange-and-white orienteering flag directing you to the starting area.
          A map and more information about the hunt are at www.homingin.com.  Talk-in is on 146.97 MHz simplex. 


Joe Moell K0OV


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