October 10th Guest Speaker…

“Transmitter Hunting for the Whole Family
By Joe Moell K0OV

It began at ARRL conventions in the 1930s as hams used crystal diodes and headphones to detect and locate hidden radio transmitters.  Now it’s a regular ham radio activity that everyone in the family can enjoy, either on foot in a neighborhood park or in the family car on the streets and highways.  Learn about the many ways that you and your fellow hams can have fun with radio direction finding (RDF) in this presentation, and find out how transmitter hunting technology has progressed in the last 80 years.  You may already have (or can easily make) all the equipment you need to join the fun.  Keep at it and you might join the hams who have won medals at international championship hunts in recent years.

Joe Moell K0OV has written for almost every ham radio publication and designed many new devices for radio direction finding (RDF).  His book “TRANSMITTER HUNTING—Radio Direction Finding Simplified,” is the definitive text on RDF for hams, and he has written over 260 magazine articles on RDF topics.  In addition to being a Technical Advisor on RDF to ARRL Headquarters, he serves as ARRL’s ARDF Coordinator and oversees the yearly USA ARDF Championships.  He also moderates the annual CQ Worldwide Foxhunting Weekend.  For more information on transmitter hunting, visit Joe’s “Homing In” site on the World Wide Web: http://www.homingin.com


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